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Дата: 29.03.2021

"My Little Pie is a European trademark of baby wear and clothes for children of up to 6 years of age. The company belongs to the category of medium-price labels as one of the appealing features of this brand. The brand’s goods are characterized by many appealing properties which will hardly leave parents indifferent.

The brand uses only quality fabrics which are mainly produced by the European manufacturers. My Little Pie mainly uses two types of organic cotton – Pima and Supima. Both of them are characterized by hypoallergenic fibers certified according to the best quality standards in Europe.

Other benefits of the use of such types of cotton are:

  • Absence of nickel or any other dangerous substances causing no risk of allergic reactions in kids or any other health disorders;
  • The use of non-toxic textile paints allows creating only safe products for children of any age;
  • The goods produced from the purest cotton are always comfortable, practical, and durable.

As a result, every collection of the label is unique where each product is made with the use of only quality fabrics to ensure complete satisfaction of clients. Most importantly, the products are available at a highly moderate price so that customers can get the best goods with always original designs at a fair price. The production process takes place in Europe which is yet another guarantee of supreme characteristics of all goods.

About My Little Pie collections
Every new collection of the label is filled with new amazing goods for little boys and girls. The use of soft and delicate materials evokes only positive emotions in customers, while the well-thought design makes the end products not only stylish but also very practical – this is especially vital for clothes for the newborns and older babies.
My Little Pie goods continue to conquer the hearts of young mothers all over Europe, while their newly launched collections keep surprising customers with exemplary goods of the best quality.

There are many reasons why the label continues to outshine many of its competitors like Chinese and Turkish companies who often use low-quality materials and may have the inattentive approach to the most important features of design. This, however, does not refer to My Little Pie Company as a luxury European supplier of only unique products for baby boys and girls.

Due to the fact that the brand uses its own designer prints which can be found on the fabrics produced by the company itself, the label has become known as a producer of only exclusive products like the variety of adorable gifts for babies, little kids and older children.

The assortment of the brand’s goods also contains perfect-quality pyjamas and other types of sleepwear for older children aged from 2 to 6 years. The label cooperates with many other companies from different parts of the world like Great Britain, the USA, Germany and many others. The strong relationships with these and other states are the best evidence that the My Little Pie label offers not only unique goods, but also products of top-rated quality.

Most importantly, the brand’s collections can now be found not only in the luxury boutiques of the label itself, but also at various online platforms. The company also offers certain goods at a discounted price owing to the regular sales where customers can find the necessary product at a fair cost.

The major benefits of essential goods and items of kids’ wear from My Little Pie

In addition to everything mentioned previously, the label has many other merits appreciated by customers residing in different states of the globe. The things that are especially valued by parents and kids globally include the next ones:

  • Exceptional softness of every item for little babies to make them feel cozy, warm and comfortable at all times;
  • Sleek designs and great styles of every piece of clothing for older children who always want to keep up with the newest tendencies in today’s fashion industry;
  • Breathability and elasticity of materials – this feature is loved by parents and kids alike. In fact, such properties of the fabrics used by My Little Pie ensures that the children’s clothes are stretchy and restore their shape with ease;
  • As yet another merit of the brand’s goods, the best quality of materials guarantees that their products will be used for a continuous period of time;
  • A really amazing variety of bright and vibrant colors gives customers a chance to choose whatever color they like most – this gives the company’s clients maximum freedom of choice when purchasing the goods for their little ones;

My Little Pie brand offers clothes belonging to the category of luxurious goods – this is explained by the outstanding characteristics of every item as well as the close attention of the company to every detail of design and each stage of the production process.
Moreover, the use of only organic and absolutely safe materials guarantees that the kids’ wear and other products provided by the company will not cause any problems with health. The absence of toxic substances was proved by many certificates of quality so that every customer can trust this brand to the fullest. Furthermore, beautiful and unusual prints used by My Little Pie are all depicted with the help of non-toxic paints only, which means that children are safe to wear any types of clothes from this developer starting from the early years of life.

The future growth of the label: What can be expected?
No doubt, the My Little Pie label has already achieved much in the segment of kids’ fashion but, as claimed by the company itself, they are not going to stop on what they have attained. In the nearest future, the label plans to expand even further and conquer new geographical localities.
What remains unchanged is the desire of My Little Pie to offer only quality clothes to kids of any age and to provide their products at optimal prices".

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