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Just beyond the high mountains and green hills, there lay an enchanted forest. This forest was anything but ordinary. Some would say that the forest was truly magical, but we’ll get to that a little bit later. The forest had its own residents who were quite comfortable living in their homes. Every single day of every week of every month of every year, life was exciting in the forest.


At one particular clearing in the forest, lived a hedgehog in a cozy house among the high green trees. Whenever you pass by the hedgehog’s home, you always smell the aroma of delicious tea wafting from his humble abode. Jovial squirrels lived on the trees close to the hedgehog’s home. They jumped constantly all the time from one branch to another as they gathered mushrooms and berries and the laid them out to dry on the long sprigs. Further, beyond the spruce trees and past the oaks it’s possible to see a the home of a bear, who always treats his guests to delicious honey. A family of rabbits lived close to the bear. Today is a big day for the rabbit family because Mother Rabbit gave birth to baby rabbits – three little sons and one teeny tiny daughter. Our story today follows this wonderful, new family.


Mother-rabbit loved her baby rabbits so very much. She gave them hot milk in the morning. For lunch she always made apple pie because baby rabbits loved it so much. The three sons were identical; no one could say for sure who was who, only their mother could say with confidence who was who because she recognized something special in each of her babies. One baby-rabbit had a freckle on his ear and she called him « Freckle-baby-boy». The second baby rabbit would shake if he heard a sound so his mother gave him the name – «Shaker-baby-boy». And the third baby rabbit was jumping and running around without a break, so he was given the name – «Jig-baby-boy». Mother-rabbit decided to call the little girl very gently – «Little-Baby-girl», because she was the smallest one of all baby-rabbits. Everything would have worked perfectly in the enchanted forest but its inhabitants could not tell the rabbit-brothers apart. They always called Freckle-baby-boy not by his name , but Shaker-baby-boy , and Shaker-baby-boy they called him by the name of his other brother, Jig-baby-boy.

– «Mum, why do our friends always call us by the wrong names and can never figure out who is who?» – The rabbits asked their mother.
– «It’s not true my sweethearts!», – replied Mother-Rabbit.
– «You are the most beautiful children, each of you is unique and has something special that no one else has».
In the evening, when all the baby-rabbits went to bed, Mother-rabbit sat near the little window and thought about how she could help her children. All of a sudden, a brilliant idea came to her. She decided to prove to all the residents of the enchanted Forest that her sons are different and each of them is unique in his own way. She worked the whole night, sewing something, sticking something together with glue and with something else she was painting with berry juice – the favorite treat of her babies.


When the morning came and the baby-rabbits woke up they noticed beautiful clothes on their beds – pants and bodysuits. They didn’t wait a second and started to try them on. Freckle-baby-boy got a colorful bodysuit, painted with images of the inhabitants of the forest. Shaker-baby-boy wore a suit with the image of a smiling Bear and Jig-baby-boy had a bodysuit with birds that he liked to catch in the wood. Of course, Little-baby-girl received a brand new suit too – she was lucky to have a pink jumpsuit, embroidered with leaves and flowers. Having put on their new clothes, the baby-rabbits ran straight away to their friends to show off their beautiful new suits.

– «You are so beautiful now and you don’t look like anyone else», said Bear after meeting his friends with big admiration
– «There are birds on your suit as if they can fly away from your chest», cried squirrels running around Jig-baby-boy
This was a very special day for the baby-rabbits , and it stayed in their memory forever because it was the day when they become different for everyone who used to confuse them.


That day changed the life not only for baby-rabbits but also for their mother. She was working very hard every evening making new suits for her children. Mother-rabbit was very happy to make each new suit because she put all her love and care for the kids into it.
Soon, news about suits for the rabbits spread through the forest and in a few days there was a line near the rabbits’ house where squirrels, bears, hedgehogs and other residents were waiting for a new suit for their children. All they wanted was for their babies to be beautiful and different. Mother-Rabbit helped everyone and didn’t refuse anyone because she knew what it means for a mum when the grateful eyes of her children are looking at her. Mother-rabbit started to receive so many orders that very soon, the residents of the forest built a little house for her where she could make this wonder. Animals called her mastership of wonder. Time passed and the wood had been called magical because magic was happening in the wood in the little house of Mother-rabbit that the residents of the forest called “MyLittlePie”.

This is the story how a mother’s love and a big wish to make her children happy made the lives of the inhabitants of the wood so special and colorful.